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Poster for Fenia Christou

The Greek singer and composer Fenia Christou have chosen my painting “A trick of the light” for the posters of her concert tour in 2020 We begun a collaboration as I ask her to use her music as soundtrack for my the videos I make with my paintings for social networks, her tracks like “Siren” and “Demons lullaby”  are a perfect combination to my paintings and in this synchronicity between music and images exalt each other

Urban Blue City at Microsoft House

In October 2018 I was invited as painter of the sea and his creatures, to exhibit my art at the Microsoft house of Milan in the event “Urban Blue City” where prominent scientist, explorer, photographers presented their work and experience for the purpose of conservation of the blue world. For this occasion I made a large painting with a joyful image of an ocean full of life and a mermaid with the face of Alessia Zecchini, the world champion in […]