Giovanni Segantini tribute gallery

In summer 2020 I have been invited by the municipality of Veduggio con Colzano to contribute to a permanent gallery dedicated to Giovanni Segantini the great Italian painter pioneer of divisionism that lived in that town for some years between 1880 and 1886

22 artists created an artworks dedicated to the great painter, someone reinventing one of this memorable works someone else, like me, creating a original work dedicated to his style and his favorite themes.
The subject that I choose was "maternity" represented by a mother sheep taking care of her newborn lamb
Segantini made many paintings with cows and sheep and the framer life and respected the maternity of animals as if it were that of human beings, this concept is expressed for example my his painting "the two mothers"

The restriction caused by the pandemic blocked the opening of the exhibition for a long time but we had finally a great vernissage on he 26 June 2022 and the paintings will now be permanently exhibited in the new town hall of Veduggio

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