Public Collections

Some works of mine are always visible in permanent collections of museums, picture galleries or other public building

22 November 2021

35 x 35 Project

In February 2021 I received an invitation of the Copelouzos Family Art Museum of...
11 May 2019

The artists back alley

In 2019 the town of Usmate Velate invited some members of the artist association...
8 March 2016

The Way of the Cross

In march 2016 Marco Busoni contributed with the painting “Poor Jesus” to the way...


Trees reflecting on quiet water is my contribution to the municipal art gallery of Porto Viro (Rovigo) a small town on large delta of "Po" the largest river in Italy where I painted en plain air during an artists meeting event

The challenge of the red dragon

The challenge of the red dragon

"The challenge of the red dragon" is my vision of the firefighters work, I made this painting for a group exhibition organized by the GAFM association in collaboration with the fire brigade command, the exhibition was shown in several fire station across Italy and is now in a permanent picture gallery



The town of Lendinara (Rovigo) decorated their town hall with the paintings of the artist of the "Bottega dell'Arte" among this my view the picturesque canal the flows through the town