The Magic Realism of Marco Busoni

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

Beyond the veil of reality

My art is an exploration of the beauty of this world that often come to us blared by haste and habit, taking time to observe and capture colors and light have brought me to discover the magic that lay beyond the veil of our everyday reality.

Painting is a fusion of emotions and technique instinct and study

I started my painting activity in love with Impressionist landscapes, and I still paint occasionally landscapes en plein air. Favorite subjects are the wide clear scenery of Brianza with the Alps on the horizon, the region where I live, or the Mediterranean landscapes of Tuscany, exploring my way to contemporary impressionism, but my strong imagination brought me beyond.
I began to make studio planned paintings that want to represent concepts and metaphors, visions that accrue slowly bouncing between canvas and imagination in a distillation process, realism mixed with fantasy to make visible the magic that I see beyond the veil of reality. A technical challenge because I want to paint in a believable way elements that cannot be captured by any photo, the curves of a woman are thus transformed into the sensual shapes of a mermaid, one of my favorite subjects.
I paint with the traditional oil on canvas technique, but I also love to explore the new frontiers of image technology as photographer and digital artist. I use digital tools to create illustrations for commissions but also to focus my visions creating drafts and studies for my metaphoric paintings; but under all the layers of skill and technology still survive the impressionist soul, the curious-eyed child who tries to grasp the wonder of light.