The way of the cross for the curch of Linas

In march 2016 Marco Busoni contributed with the painting "Poor Jesus" to the way of the cross in the church of Linas, in France not far from Paris. The church was restored after a period of neglect and needed decorations on the empty walls,  the "Bottega dell'arte" was invited to produce the 14 paintings for the stations of a traditional way of the cross.

A selection of artists of the association was appointed for the challenge and Marco Busoni choose for himself the most symbolic image: the 12 station "Jesus die on the cross". He painted the scene form an unconventional point of view, form above,  as if God was looking down to dead son.

The image suggest pity for the tormented body and yet dignity and respect as is due to the symbol of Christianity, on the upper right side Maria and some loyal friend mourn the dead while on the lower left side a soldier passes by without caring and a man stand still look up to the cross doubtful and tormented, a representation of the various human attitudes toward Jesus

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