Trades and jobs of old times

Book and Exhibition

In 2012 the "Don Rinaldo Beretta cultural club" created a book on the professions of the past entitled "Mestèe and Laurà in Brianza" and invited artists from the "Bottega dell'Arte" to create images to accompany ancient poems and rhymes describing the work and the effort of a world that has disappeared but in many ways beautiful and worth to remember and preserve.

I contributed with an image of the work of washerwomen made with digital painting using a graphic tablet, I chose the black and white format to convey the sensation of an activity from the past.

In February 2024 a beautiful exhibition at the "Pirellone" in the offices of the Lombardy region celebrates this book, all the works published in the book have been printed and exhibited in the spaces of the Pirelli skyscraper in Milan. At the opening of the exhibition, on 8 February 2024, a beautiful inauguration was held in the presence of the regional authorities.

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