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10 meter wall print

In 2015 I had a special photo commission for a extra large image that should fill a 10 meter long wall. The photo should display a the traditional courtyard that lays behind, making the wall somehow invisible. I assembled in a single bitmap 20 photos shot with a 36 megapixel full frame camera generating a 312 megapixel image, the result print was amazing sharp fooling the views pretty well.  

CD covers for “Luna Blanca”

I have a collaboration with the German band “Luna Blanca”, they ask me to use my mermaid paintings for a YouTube video of a song and that was the beginning .. I made several CD covers for them with digital art technique, here you see the “Magic Medley” cover where I combined the guitar symbol of Flamenco music they play e and the white moon of the band name and the 3 pages graphic for the “Greatest hits” celebrating their […]