A mermaid in the moonlight

2006 - oil on canvas 50 x 70 cm

Full view

Face detail

Tail detail

This was my second mermaid painting made after the success of the "mermaid in the sunset" same subject but with a completely different mood and colors.
I was inspired by a photo that I found in a summer dress magazine with a model lying seaside between the rocks, the glittering dress she was wearing was an good reference for the scaly tail, the pose expresses perfectly the fatigue of a water creature moving uneasily on solid ground.

Why has she crawled out of the sea on this full moon night ? a perfect storytelling image !

A collector in Texas fell in love with the painting and decided to invest some of her savings to buy the artwork "..to look at it for the rest of her days"
I think that this is the highest success for an artist to awake such strong emotions.

Status : SOLD

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