Drops of light

(2017-22) oil on canvas 100 x 70 cm

This painting is a symbol of my art and in is not by chance that I have also entitled this website "Drops of Light", it contains and summarizes the main aspects of my art: reality and fantasy, light and water.

Sensuality and fairy tale coexist in this image which can represent self-discovery, awareness and enlightenment and many other metaphors.

I started working on the painting in 2017 and I continued to modify the image for 5 years trying to focus on an image and a concept in a slow evolution process that pours shapes and colors to the canvas and then feeds back my imagination . In this period I thought several times the painting was finished but after some time I had to resume the work guided by the voice of the siren herself until this year finally all the pieces fit together, yet it's still not over..

In the video you can see all the images and color layers that are under the currently visible version.


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