A mermaid in the sunset

2005 - oil on canvas 80 x 80 cm

In 2005 I made my first painting of a woman, in the photo I used as a reference the legs were not clearly visible so, after some unsuccessful attempts I came up with the idea of painting her as a mermaid as the pose on the wet beach suggested.  I worked on the painting 6 months before I was finally stratified but it was a success beyond all expectations.

I sold the original painting a year later but still sell posters and other reproductions, the image has been used for canvas, wood, glass and metal prints, large wall prints but also as book cover and puzzle and painting by number kits.

I started to paint mermaids and many people where inspired my interpretation of this subject, although I love to paint landscapes and many other subjects, mermaids have become my artistic brand and an important element in my way to magical realism.

Status : SOLD

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