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Trades and jobs of old times

In 2012 the “Don Rinaldo Beretta cultural club” created a book on the professions of the past entitled “Mestèe and Laurà in Brianza” and invited artists from the “Bottega dell’Arte” to create images to accompany ancient poems and rhymes describing the work and the effort of a world that has disappeared but in many ways beautiful and worth to remember and preserve. I contributed with an image of the work of washerwomen made with digital painting using a graphic tablet, […]


10 meter wall print

In 2015 I had a special photo commission for a extra large image that should fill a 10 meter long wall. The photo should display a the traditional courtyard that lays behind, making the wall somehow invisible. I assembled in a single bitmap 20 photos shot with a 36 megapixel full frame camera generating a 312 megapixel image, the result print was amazing sharp fooling the views pretty well.  

CD covers for “Luna Blanca”

I have a collaboration with the German band “Luna Blanca”, they ask me to use my mermaid paintings for a YouTube video of a song and that was the beginning .. I made several CD covers for them with digital art technique, here you see the “Magic Medley” cover where I combined the guitar symbol of Flamenco music they play e and the white moon of the band name and the 3 pages graphic for the “Greatest hits” celebrating their […]

wild boar

Recognition by National Geographic

In 2008 my submitted photo of  wild boar close up was selected a featured in the Italian edition of the National Geographic contest; I take the photo in the Maremma regional park in Tuscany where this animals where quiet easy to meet in this years in fact I shot the image in a little car parking near the sea just before the sunset. The photo was published in the Italian national geographic website that year.